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Review of Microsoft OneNote 2003 - Note Taking Software

This software is Very easy to start using – you just click anywhere on the page and start typing.

I like the colour schemes.

Documentation is scanty – it’s a bit hard to find out whether the program will do something – sometimes the only way to find out is to try it.

When copying from OneNote into Word, the layout from OneNote is lost – everything comes out as plain text – no tabs. The actual formatting eg font, colour and style is translated, but the layout is not. This is very frustrating.

When you cut and paste from a web page, the URL is automatically copied as well.

Each “page” of notes has the date of creation at the top – which doesn’t translate when copying the note into another program. This date does not change – it is purely when the page was created. Thus, if you add more notes to a particular page and want to know when you added them, you need to type the date on each individual note.

The header of the page does not translate into Word when Ctl+A is performed.

You can save one page at a time as a .tiff file, but, it seems, not an entire section of notes.

You can save one page at a time as a web page – but that too loses all its formatting. What was in OneNote a series of columns came out in Word/html as a list.

In frustration, I went onto the Web to find what reference books are available on OneNote. Amazon.com has a few. One review led me to OneNoteAnswers.com, which looks marginally helpful. It did point me to some newsgroups, which might be useful in a pinch.

Printing a page from OneNote that had more than one note horizontally resulted in tiny tiny print.


Great for actually taking notes and rearranging them, although I’m not sure how it would handle recording notes for the data collection for a thesis or dissertation.

Not great on getting the notes into other programs. If you copy one note at a time, that would work, but asking the program to translate an entire section of several pages into another application seems to be an impossible ask.


Please contact me if you have other comments on MicroSoft OneNote. I'll post your thoughts here for the benefit of other dissertators. Please contact me also if you have other software recommendations for dissertators.




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