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Here you will find some resources that I found useful in my own PhD journey

Unless otherwise stated, I have used all the resources listed on this page


Resources for Microsoft Word

Resources on the dissertation process

How to set up a filing system on your computer

Note-taking resources, including software



Reference Managers



Sente 6 for Mac http://www.thirdstreetsoftware.com/site/SenteForMac.html


Sticky Notes for computer screens

Great desktop sticky notes

This program sits in your tray and allows you to pull up a “sticky note” for reminders, to do lists, shopping lists, alarms and lots more. You can even use hyperlinks to documents you are working on!

You can have the sticky notes appear on your desktop, or you can hide individual ones. You can colour code them. You can send notes to other users.

The program also includes a calendar, a screen capture facility (VERY useful), bulletted lists and check boxes.

I used this program to (amongst other things) put a huge Failure is not an option message in the middle of my computer screen so that I saw it every time I booted up the computer. This program really helped me finish my PhD.

Get it here

Note Taking Software


Note Taking software that includes several different types of note cards, including Action cards, Bibliography cards, author cards, note cards. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than I had when I was doing my own dissertation. I’m playing with it for notes for the publication of my dissertation.

For PC only, sorry.



MailBigFile.com logo

This is a handy way to send huge files to your committee, supervisor or editor. There is a free service available, and the service accepts 101 different file types.

If you are writing your dissertation in a single file and it becomes huge (over 2 Mb), you may have trouble sending it to other people by email - their email boxes may have a size limit.

What’s the solution? If you don’t have your own website or access to a university website where you can upload files, sign up for an account at MailBigFiles.com, upload your file, then the website sends an email to the intended recipient that the file is available for download.

Wonderful idea! I didn’t use it for my dissertation, but I have successfully used it to receive and send large files from editing clients. It's very easy to use and I recommend it to all my coaching and editing clients.



This is a software program that professional editors (like me) use to double-check documents. It checks for errors and consistencies in hyphenation, abbreviations, spelling etc. and is an invaluable tool for dissertators.

There is a 30-day trial period with full functionality. The website even suggests that dissertators download the software and use it to check their dissertations. http://www.intelligentediting.com/checkyourdissertation.aspx

If you are intending to hire a professional editor/proofreader to edit/proofread your dissertation, run the document through PerfectIt before you send it to him/her. You'll save money, and the editor/proofreader will be able to get the suggested changes back to you quicker.

Windows only, but it's really worth borrowing a PC if you don't have one just for this one task. I'm a convert!


Resources for Microsoft Word

If you need help with Word, there are lots of resources on the internet. Try these:

Allen Wyatt's WordTips:



The Word-PC List:



The McEdit list:



Microsoft's Word discussion groups:


(Look in the lower right of the page.)


The Word MVP site:



Woody's Lounge:


Resources on the dissertation process


Succeeding with your Doctorate

The K.I.S.S. Method for Writing your Dissertation

How to Write a Better Thesis

Handbook for Academic Authors


Clockwork Muse

Literature Review


Hart Doing your Masters Dissertation

Publishing your dissertation/articles/books


How to set up a filing system on your computer

Clearing the Clutter: A few tips on keeping your computer files organized

Note-taking resources, including software


Note taking sources, including software


Please note: I have not used any of the Mac software. If I have used PC software, I have flagged it with an asterisk.


For PC

For Mac


Notational Velocity

It is an attempt to loosen the mental blockages to recording information and to scrape away the tartar of convention that handicaps its retrieval. The solution is by nature nonconformist.







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