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Academic Editing Services

What I do

Part of the services I provide to academia is an editing, proofreading and layout (typesetting/formatting) service.

As well as being a qualified coach, I am a qualified editor, proofreader and desktop publisher. I have extensive experience in editing work (see below) for academic publications and theses/dissertations.

I can work with the following formats: Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher; Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker and Acrobat; QuarkXpress.

I also have extensive experience in formatting bibliographies according to specified styles.

I edit in Australian, British or American English as required.

I also have knowledge of ancient Egyptian, French, German, Italian and Russian. Contact me if you need editorial or proofreading assistance with those languages.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of having me edit, proofread or design/layout your dissertation, article or book, please email me.

Client Comments

Editing, proofreading, indexing

‘We owe it to a large extent to [Gaye] that we now have a well-established reputation of being virtually free of typing errors (as one of the last volume’s reviewers remarked: “despite a desperate search for typing or other errors, I have been unable to find any”).’ Professor Jean-Paul Descoeudres, Editor, Mediterranean Archaeology journal

‘Thanks for improving the article! You have such a good turn of phrase as well as a sharp eye and knowledge of the conventions. Just as well that you’re on the ball! THANKS AGAIN!’ Jana Jones, Department of Egyptology, Macquarie University

‘Thanks for doing such a great job on a difficult text.’ Professor Graeme Clarke, The Australian National University

‘Thanks for the very good job you did on the MS. Your corrections were spot on and at times saved us great embarrassment. Very thorough indeed.’ Camilla Norman, Department of Archaeology, The University of Sydney

‘Many thanks for the hard work that you put in on chapter 2. It really needed help, and you have provided same … Many thanks for the improvements that you are making on my ms.’ Dr Robert McIver, author of Mainstream or Marginal: The Matthean Community in Early Christianity

‘Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Comments were clear to understand and our paper could be improved substantially with the comments.’ Inkyo Cheong, Professor of Economics, and Director of the Center for FTA Policies, Inha University, Korea

‘I was impressed at how thorough you are in your editing. I would not hesitate in recommending working with you on another book.’ Minni Reis, PAFTAD International Secretariat, The Australian National University

‘I highly recommend the thorough and professional editorial services of Gaye Wilson. Gaye was consistent in her work, reliable in her delivery and was able to navigate through the technical jargon of my thesis to improve the writing quality and reading fluidity. Her comments were incredibly helpful and informative — particularly with consistency and readability.  Thanks, Gaye!’ Vicki Chartrand, PhD Candidate in Sociology, Macquarie University, Australia

‘Dr Wilson was recommended to me by some colleagues whom I had confided in during a particularly stressful and rather sorry stint with a prior publisher. With the panic setting in due to the financial and time constraints of my predicament, Dr Wilson was gracious and realistic about my situation. Her professional standards, common sense and amazing compassion resulted in a successfully edited and completed PhD. I was also impressed with the quality of the editing and formatting of her work especially since the whole project was undertaken under very severe time constraints. In future I hope to work with her again and have no reservations whatsoever in recommending her to other colleagues. I am truly grateful for all her help.’ Archondia Thanos DPhil., Oxford UK

Forms Design and Document Layout/Formatting

‘What a fabulous job Gaye!! Thank you sooo much. I'll be using this on MANY of my classes and will be acknowledging you for creating this form.’ Kathryn Gray, CCG, PCC, CMC, Business & Personal Development Coach

‘I think the changes [to the spreadsheet] are excellent. Thank you so much for doing such great work.’ Dr David Brennan, Editing and Publications Officer, Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

‘Your formatting of my thesis is just gorgeous!’ Louise Katz, University of Sydney, Australia

Examples of academic works that I have edited, proofread, indexed, designed or typeset

West, G., The Tekenu and Egyptian Funerary Ritual, PhD thesis, Macquarie University, 2017.

Schmidt, E., Discursive constructions of Professional Identities: Talking to immigrant graduates in Germany, PhD thesis, Macquarie University, 2017.

Tzavaras, A., At the intersection of Patriarchal Street, Flower Street and Neo-Orientalist Lane: the oral histories of Afghan women living in Australia, PhD thesis, University of Western Sydney, 2016.

Rehman, S., Constraint Driven - Multi Objective Cross-Layer Routing Protocols for VANETs, PhD thesis, Charles Sturt University, 2015.

Wardle, S. P., Tanizaki's First Genji Translation: Adaptation and Survival of a Japanese Literary Masterpiece in the early Showa Period, MResearch thesis, Macquarie University, 2015.

Karamanian, A., Ethnic Identity and Heritage Language for Sydney's Armenian Adolescents, MResearch thesis, Macquarie University, 2015.

Mandel, A. M., Enabling ethical decision-making when staff mental health impacts on the school workplace, EdD thesis, University of Western Sydney, 2015.

Wright, C. S., The Quantification of Information Systems Risk, PhD thesis, Charles Sturt University, 2014.

Mouzehkesh, N., Traffic-aware Medium Access Control Protocol in Body Area Networks for Healthcare Applications with a Fuzzy Logic Approach, PhD thesis, Charles Sturt University, 2014.

Majeed, A. A., Prolonging Network Life and Running Multi-sequence Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks, PhD thesis, Charles Sturt University, 2014.

Chan, L. L. H., Increasing fish consumption in women of child-bearing age: an evaluation of risks and benefits, PhD thesis, Flinders University, 2014.

Gao, X. L., Information Seeking and Use of Chinese Offshore Students Studying in Australian university programs, PhD thesis, Charles Sturt University, 2013.

Davies, A. J., Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients' experiences of an exacerbation action plan as a stand-alone self-management intervention in the community: A qualitative exploration, BSc (Hons) thesis, University of London, 2013.

Graham, C., Pedagogical Partnerships and Professionalisation: Changing work and identities of professional staff at one Australian university, EdD thesis, University of Technology Sydney, 2013.

Anson, D. and R. Hannah, Ancient Lamps in New Zealand, Sydney, 2013.

Gleeson, N., Margin Squeeze in EU Law, PhD thesis, King's College London, 2012.

Jackson, H. And J. Tidmarsh, Jebel Khalid vol. III: The Pottery, Sydney, 2011.

Curtis, J., The History of Asian Social Studies in NSW Secondary Schools, 1967–2002, EdD thesis, Griffith University, 2010.

Bate, L., Enhanced Performance Of Delayed Teleoperator Systems Operating Within Unknown And Nonlinear Environments, PhD thesis, University of Wollongong, 2009.

Katz, L., Mind the Gap. An exploration of liminal spaces, creative and destructive, DCA thesis, University of Technology Sydney, 2009.

Onji, K., ‘The response of firms to eligibility thresholds: Evidence from the Japanese value-added tax’, Journal of Public Economics, 2009.

Onji, K. and Kikuchi, R., ‘Procrastination, Prompts, and Preferences: Evidence from Daily Records of Self-Directed Learning Activities’, Working Paper, 2009.

Clune, S., Developing Sustainable Literacy in Industrial Design Education, PhD Thesis, University of Western Sydney, 2009.

Thanos, A., The Mycenaean Presence in the Prefecture of Macedonia, Greece, DPhil thesis, Oxford University, 2008.

Chartrand, V., In Through the Out Door: Women and Prison Release in New South Wales, PhD thesis, Macquarie University, 2007.

Godo, Y., ‘The Puzzle of Small Farming in Japan’, Asia-Pacific Economic Papers No. 365, 2007.

PAFTAD International Secretariat and the Australia–Japan Research Centre, PAFTAD 30: Adjustment to Globalization in the Asia-Pacific Region, Pacific Trade and Development Conference Series, The Australian National University, 2006.

Jones, J., ‘Pre- and Early Dynastic textiles: technology, specialisation and administration during the process of state formation’, 2006.

Sowada, K. and Ockinga, B., Egyptian Art in the Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney, 2006.

Mediterranean Archaeology journal, The University of Sydney, 1992–present.

Redfern Legal Centre Publishing, The Law Handbook (9th edition), 2004.

The Drawing Board: An Australian Review of Public Affairs , electronic academic journal, School of Economics and Political Science, The University of Sydney, 2003.

Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation, Pella in Jordan, The Coins (1979–1990), The University of Sydney, 2001.

Walker, J., Studies in Ancient Egyptian Medical Terminology, Sydney, 1996.

Bulletin of the Australian Centre for Egyptology, an Egyptological journal for the general public and scholars, Macquarie University.

McFarlane, A., The God Min to the End of the Old Kingdom, Sydney, 1995.

Kanawati, N., McFarlane, A., Wilson, G. et al., The Rock Tombs of El-Hawawish, vol. 10, Sydney, 1992.

Kanawati, N. and McFarlane, A., Akhmim in the Old Kingdom, Sydney, 1992.


For more information about my editing services, you might like to look at my entry in the directory of the Society of Editors (NSW) Inc. For examples of my work, you might like to visit my editing website at http://www.Gryphonworks.com.

Please email me to discuss how I can assist your writing or publishing goals through editing, proofreading, forms design, or desktop publishing.


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